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With a well proven recipe and a unique coating process, we can truly say that Virgin Nuts rocks the European nut market.


A full natural product, without artificial colouring, flavouring and ingredients, for a wide variety of applications (snack, chocolate, ice cream, cereals, etc.).


Virgin Nuts produces sweet and dry roasted snack nuts (for retail/webshops, wholesale/distribution and packaging service industries) and offers solutions for the food industry (chocolate, ice cream, cereals, etc.).


In two factories (including a peanut free production facility, especially for the food industry), products and processes are customized to meet your and your customers' requirements.



What we do for you

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If you are looking for high quality, top end and premium coated nuts,
you need to be at Virgin Nuts.

For many years now, we are well known for our honey coated nuts. Thanks to our unique process, we can produce a delicious and crunchy coating on the best conventional or organic nuts in the world. Besides honey, we have other great flavours (all natural), like cinnamon, maple, caramel, vanilla and gingerbread. All flavours can be combined with delicious natural herbs or spices, like sea salt, chili, garlic, coco, fennel, etc.

A nut is more than a whole nut. Therefore we coat all shapes and sizes from 4mm upwards. Take a look at our portfolio, which shows a small selection of the endless possibilities, and read more about our products and applications. If you have specific taste wishes, contact us. We're always open to new ideas.

Virgin Nuts


Virgin Nuts is a specialist nut coating producer for the retail/webshops, wholesale/distribution, packaging service and food industry sector of the food market.


Serving bulk with a short lead time. Always fresh products for your customers.

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Packaging Service

Our products in your packaging options for your (private label) customers.

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Our products always fit your customers' budget. Flexible packaging solutions.

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Food industry

Crunchy coated nut pieces in your product are like the icing on the cake.

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Virgin Nuts Core Values

5 important promises to you

Besides living up to the highest quality, food safety, CSR, human rights and fair business standards and supporting charities, we make the best coated nuts in the world and more... And we cannot do this without our committed staff and loyal customers. Together we’ve defined 5 core values that emphasize who we are and what we do, hence our main promises to you:

#thinkinginsolutions #highquality #uniqueproducts #serviceonly #100%natural

To remind ourselves every day, our core values are distributed on the walls of both our main as well as our #peanutfree factory. Entering the factories, our slogan above the entrances shows that we’re stepping into the world where we make the best coated nuts and more.

Once in the factories, everywhere we look, we’re encouraged by our 5 main promises to you:

T = Thinking in solutions
Whether it’s an issue with nuts in chocolate or ice cream, a certain new taste or time pressure, there’s always a solution. We’re open to new ideas and we do our utmost to find the best solution for you. No matter the issue, we’re always #thinkinginsolutions. #thinkinginsolutions.

H =High quality
Quality is key! Only the best is good enough for you. Our service and our endless range of caramelised and dry roasted snack products and ingredients are all #highquality.

U = Unique products
Our unique artisanal process provides nuts, seeds and cereals with a great roasted texture as an ideal barrier that locks in the flavour. Developing at least 5 new #outsidethebox products each month, and producing organic and/or peanut free if requested, we can truly say that we offer you #uniqueproducts.

S = Service only
Large or small orders, we can easily adapt our production. Our lead times are short and we produce all products fresh on order. We offer you fair day prices and prompt response to your requests. We’ll always go the extra mile, hence #serviceonly.

100% = 100% natural
No artificial colouring or flavouring and no unnecessary additions. Our caramelised and dry roasted products are clean label, thus #100%natural.


Virgin Nuts



Love at first bite

About Virgin Nuts

"Virgin Nuts supplies artisanal coated nuts - without artificial food additives - to provide customers with a superior, natural, fresh taste sensation."

  • 1999

    Street nut cart

    As a student, Diederick started coating nuts in 1999. He discovered that edible nuts combine great if the best honey is used. Trying, testing, refining... a unique concept was created and many honey coated nuts were sold from his street nut cart.

  • May 2008

    Virgin Nuts is born

    The cosy street carts are long gone when he decided to bundle his passion, experience and expertise into a new company, called Virgin Nuts. From a small factory in Rijssen he started introducing the "honey coated nuts" concept in Europe.

  • March 2013


    And it worked! Expansion was needed and Diederick and staff moved to a much larger premises in Rhenen where we produce and sell our honey coated nuts to business customers (retail, wholesale and food industry) across Europe.

  • June 2016

    Two factories

    In 2016 the adjacent building was obtained to create a second production facility to meet the ever growing demand.

  • Today

    Europe and beyond

    Today you find our nuts in many supermarkets, specialty nut shops, on markets and semi-manufactured in ice cream, chocolate, granola, etc. throughout the whole of Europe.

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